August 18, 2009

Pro Se - What is this all about?

One might ask why I am creating a blog? The short answer is that I have done it for myself. It is a place where I can put down my thoughts and observations on those things important to me. The name of this blog - "pro se" - seems, somehow, quite appropriate. The wordplay, creating the word "prose," is simply a bonus.

I would like to use this blog to post my observations about the following: (1) the books I've read, that I'm reading, and the books I want to read; (2) share my landscape photography and my experiences in finding these images on my travels; (3) share my thoughts on movies that I've seen; (4) all things involving good food, family, and friends; and (5) anything else that seems appropriate at the time, i.e., current events, politics, etc. This may change, but this is my intent for the time being. I also have a real love of poetry, and I'd like to be able to post some of my favorite poems or other bits of doggerel that I come across in my reading. Maybe this blog creates a way for me to put down, in some organized fashion, some of the thoughts and observations that occur to me day-by-day.

Finally, I am a total blog-neophyte. So, I will very gratefully accept any tips or advice in improving the experience for both the writer (me) and you, the reader.

Cheers! Chris

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