May 3, 2012

Off to the Big Trees for a respite...

My wife, Susan, and I are off to one of our very favorite national parks this weekend.  We are going to Sequoia National Park, and are going to be staying at Wuksachi Lodge right in the middle of the park.  This is a belated birthday present (I was 56 on April 28th).  It'll be interesting to see how the dry winter has affected Sequoia and whether there are any wildflowers blooming, and what the wildlife are up to in early May.  We plan on getting in some good hiking, maybe a little photography, and just generally relaxing in one of the most beautiful landscapes in California.  Oh, did I mention that there are a bunch of simply ginormous trees in this national park?  They truly do defy description, so if given the chance don't pass up a chance to visit Sequoia National Park, created in 1890, the second oldest park in the Nation's national park system.  Wish me a lovely, stress-free, and fun-filled weekend with Susan!  Woo-Hoo!


  1. Gollee, I hope you have a grand time. Don't forget to come back home. Oh, bring a tree back with you, one of the biggies.

  2. Sounds lovely! Happy birthday, and best wishes for the trip, to you and Susan!! :-D

  3. Thanks, Ladies! We are really, really looking forward to getting away for the weekend! Cheers!