August 6, 2010

Book Blogger Hop -- August 6-9

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to my literary blog, Prose!  This is my first time participating in the 'Hop, so please bear with me as it takes 'this old dog a while to learn new tricks.'  I'd like to thank Jennifer at Crazy for Books for sponsoring this weekly Book Blogger Hop.  If you don't know about the Book Blogger Hop, it is a weekly event that enables all of us book or literary bloggers to find and visit other like-minded bloggers.  You can go here to read the instructions and sign up.

This week's Book Blogger Hop question is:  "Do you listen to music when you read?  If so, what are your favorite reading tunes?"

I can, and do, listen to music when reading, but more times than not I don't.  Normally, when I read there is always some ambient household noise in the background.  For example, living in southern California I spend a lot of time sitting outside on the patio reading, and there's always the sounds of birds, people and their dogs walking by on the paseo behind the house, and the 'whirring' of all of our beautiful little hummingbirds visiting our two large feeders, and so forth.  When I do choose to listen to music (on my iPod) while reading, I generally enjoy listening to classical music.  All in all, I really don't find background noise, be it music, the TV, or outside sounds, all that distracting while I'm reading.  I seem to be able to put myself in the world of the book I'm reading fairly easily.

Happy Friday!


  1. Welcome to the hop! It's a lot of fun and really helps to introduce you to others and vice versa.

    I am totally opposite of you. I get distracted easily and need quiet to read seriously. Classical is ok too but anything with words distracts me.

    Feel free to stop by my blog 1001 Books

  2. Rachel, thanks for the visit! And I look forward to popping by and visiting "1001 Books"! Cheers! Chris

  3. The soundtrack of southern California sounds so very peaceful, :)

  4. Entish, it really is. I especially love the hummingbirds. While I'm sitting out there (especially towards sunset), these little flying jewels will come right up and hover in front of your face. They are an incredibly curious bird. Just after sunrise and just before sunset there can be 15-20 birds whirring about each of the two feeders. Way cool to watch!

  5. Howdy! Found you via the Hop and am now a new follower. Happy Friday!


  6. Most of the time I would say I love nature's sounds but right now the cicadas are really loud here. So, some music helps drown them out.

  7. Hi. Stopping in from the hop. I love the authors you're reading. I do read some modern fiction, but the classics are my favorites and I have a long list of them I want to read or re-read.
    It's nice to meet you!

  8. There's an award for you over at my blog!